1. verb (transitive)

To make biodiverse. Eg. to increase the variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular habitat, a high level of which is usually considered to be important and desirable.

  1. noun (proper)

Cambridge-based conservation consultancy specialising in using scientific expertise to tackle complex social and environmental problems — practically.

who are we?

The central purpose of Biodiversify is to actively forge a stronger connection between science and practice.

Biodiversify is a conservation consultancy which advises a range of private, public and third sector clients who want to act for nature. We work at the cutting-edge of scientific research to employ creative and disruptive techniques to challenge the status-quo of how biodiversity is managed in practice. Our focus on social research and processes puts decision making at the heart of everything we do; this ensures that we can use evidence to effect change and work towards tangible benefits for biodiversity. Through our experience studying the negotiations and psychological biases that underpin governance processes, we are able to improve the use of evidence in collaborative decision-making processes. This enables people to make better decisions, supported by the social capital essential to delivering meaningful, long-term change.

Our speciality is addressing complexity.


Sometimes this can be high level; we are working with The University of Oxford to develop academic theory into the practical foundation of international biodiversity agreements. Alternatively, it can be highly applied, we have collaborated with the award-winning Dr Hinsley to translate her work on the illegal trade of orchids into actionable steps for international law enforcement.

We excel at helping clients understand, study and overcome complex, multifaceted problems.


Bringing together colleagues from around the world, Biodiversify makes it easy to connect with leading experts in various aspects of biodiversity conservation and access a diverse and expansive range of skills, knowledge and experience.

Dr. Sam Sinclair

Dr. Mike Burgass



Whether you are trying to influence decisions, guide practice or something completely different, we can help.

NGOs & Charities

As a team, we deliver scientifically-informed yet practical products for charitable organizations internationally.


 We draw on academic expertise to provide cutting edge solutions for real-world challenges.



We can help you collaboratively develop ecologically informed plans

Social research

We have extensive expertise in understanding, monitoring and influencing complex social systems. 

Indicators of Biodiversity

Let our experts help you measure, monitor and map ecosystems and habitats

Delivering Influence

We specialise in helping providers of scientific evidence influence decision-making processes

Need more details?

We are always happy to talk. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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