As individuals, we have worked for NGOs across the world.
As a team, we deliver scientifically-informed yet practical products for charitable organizations internationally. Our consultancy represents both a diverse and broad-ranging set of skills, and areas of particular expertise.


As one of the world’s most pervasive forms of international criminal activity, the Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) presents a major challenge not only to conservation but also to law enforcement and governance worldwide. The scale of these crimes not only impacts many threatened species, but also has huge implications for the stability of nations across the globe. 

Our team of experts have extensive experience of every aspect of this issue, from the challenges of combating poaching to the complexities of demand reduction. Through our close collaboration with ICCS at The University of Oxford  we are able to draw upon decades of experience, both from cutting edge research and from international state-led conferences.

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In the vast majority of cases the environmental consequences of our actions are extremely clear. Despite this, influencing decision making processes with ecological evidence is extremely challenging.

We have extensive experience in strengthening the connections between knowledge providers and decision-makers. We can help you access and influence a wide range of private and public sector partners.



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We have extensive experience working with a range of complex social topics, from sensitive issues such as poaching, to the implementation of conservation planning. Our team has worked with communities and stakeholder groups around the world, in both developing and developed contexts. 

We are able to help you understand how to understand, measure and monitor nuanced social dynamics. Our experts can help you design, analyse and interpret social research, whatever your needs. 

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