We regularly write and contribute to peer-reviewed publications.
Whilst we cover a range of topics, we focus on research that connects theory to practice.  

The use and usability of spatial conservation prioritization. Sinclair, S., Milner-Gulland, E. J., Smith, R. J., McIntosh, E. J., Vercammen, A., & Knight, A. T. (2018). Conservation Letters.

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Making biodiversity offsets work in South Africa - A governance perspective. Lukey, P., Cumming, T., Paras, S., Kubiszewski, I., & Lloyd, S. (2016). Ecosystem Services.

Out of the darkness: the first comprehensive survey of the Critically Endangered Anjouan Scops Owl Otus capnodes. Green, K. E., Daniel, B. M., Lloyd, S. P., Said, I., Houmadi, A., Salim, D. M., … Young, R. P. (2015). Bird Conservation International, 25(03), 322–334. 

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